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A Phil Austin Story - This is the first audiobiography of Phil Austin I created shortly after his death.

Grateful Firesign - My 2nd Austin bio, this was inspired by an interview Phil did on WBAI about writing a screen play for the Grateful Dead. I combined it with Jack Kerouac's story, Visions of Neal and the 3 Stooges, considering how close Neal Cassady was to the Dead. Also featured, the Credibility Gap's portrayal of the 3 Stooges during a phone strike in LA in the early 70s. Various Beat generation folks make their appearances, and Bergman tells of losing a girl friend to Neal Cassady.

I Think We're All Bergmans On This Bus - As requested, an audiobiography of Peter Bergman, including stories of his death from a Phil Proctor interview.

Ossman Collage Graduation - Also upon request, an audiobiography of David Ossman on his 79th birthday.

The 6th Album (Part 1)
The 6th Album (Part 2)
David Ossman suggested I put the solo albums he and Phil Austin did together in 1973 with Proctor and Bergman's TV or Not TV (plus some extras from the TV or Not TV film) into one "album" Dave calls The 6th Album.


Adventures In Hell - This is the first in a series of autobiographical collages, starting with events that happened in my early childhood. Beginning with my favourite Dylan tune, my story continues with a bit from Phil Austin's radio show Hollywood Nightshift, part 2 of their Train to Hell. Austin's song from Roller Maidens. The CBC comedy show The Debaters features a debate about the relative merits of heaven and hell, A clip from Dwarf is followed by Bergman's  radio free oz show from 1966, and finally my 1996 play Big Time with its debating angel and devil.

Death Takes A Holiday - Death Takes a Holiday is my second autobiographical collage, continuing from last weeks train ride to hell. It begins with Hellbound Train, by Savoy Brown. That's followed by my chinchilla tale, along with the Firesigns chinchilla piece from Dear Friends. Nearly getting killed is from an Hour Hour show collected on the Duke of Madness Motors compilation. It's followed by the Beatles' Day in the Life; Nick Danger, Electrician, Peter Bergman talking about death on an episode of his 1967 Radio Free Oz show; Give Me Immortality, a clip from the Magic Mushroom play Freak for a Week, a Radio Free Oz ad from their Pink Hotel Burns Down compilation, live Dwarf, Anythynge, Scrooge and a Neal Amid fragment. The Electrician finally shows up. He wants to see your passport.

Thanks Sputnik, Part 1 - This was inspired by seeing the program The Sputnik Moment that one of the chatters turned me on to, as part of the Making Sense of the 60s series.  An old Beatles single sums up what I remember of Kindergarten.  The Firesigns share their enjoyment of sleep as well. Also colouring books.  Eddy Murphy's Dr. Doolittle is reviewed.  Nick discovers a dog.  Science films prevailed.  Donald Duck discovers Math.  Hey, everybody.  Let's study science!

Thanks Sputnik, Part 2 - This is my 2nd collage about the effects of Sputnik on my education, this one focusing on the year 1959. Words from the Firesign Theatre from their Fools in Space satellite radio show.Vin Scully calling the 1959 World Series.  I Owe Russia $1200 by Bob Hope. More Fools in Space. The Peanuts album with Kaye Ballard and Arthur Siegel. Proctor interviewed by Clam Radio in 2002. How Can you be in 2 Places at Once. Monterey, by Eric Burden and the Animals, a song as good as the festival itself. How to tell real jade from fake, from You Tube. Bird of Prey Motors. The collage ends with the song Satellites by Rickie Lee Jones from her Flying Cowboys album.

Nukes - Even more frightening than the train to hell in episode one of my audiobiography and being a few hours from death in episode 2 was something that happened to me and every other life form on the planet in October, 1962. The Fighting Firesign Clowns have a song about it. Robert Klein recalls the 50s drop drills so we don't have to: An actual Civil Defence announcement. The Firesign's satelite show Fools in Space. The film The Man Who Saved the World, which everyone should watch and memorize. Vasily Arkapov is the only reason life still exists on this planet. Bergman's story about No More Hiroshima Day in Finland, 1961. In the absence of a camera, I recorded my impressions of Hiroshima in 1974 from its train station in the middle of the night. More comedy from the Firesigns, from their Duke of Madness Motors collection of their radio shows. The end of my family's vegetarianism, thanks to the Cuban Missile Crisis. A song from Bergman's pal, Dana Lyons.

Meetings With Mr. Fong - I met Dextre Fong twice, both in New York City. The first meeting, mostly involving art, was in 2005,, scroll down to Saturday, May 21.
The 2nd time was in 2010. I stayed with Dex and his wife Myrna at their place in Manhattan. Dex was able to get us reservations at hard-to-get-into restaurants Le Bernardin and Per Se, which I filmed. Dex didn't want any pictures taken of his face so we only see his hands occasionally, but thankfully, his voice could be heard so I could make this collage.  scroll down to Monday, Oct 18th. As some chatters may know, there was an explosion in the apartment next to Dex which destroyed the room his computer was in. He never got around to replacing it, which is why he left chat a few years ago. His many years on chat will be remembered by those of us who so enjoyed his company here.

Cat Meets France (part Un) - I remember 1964 for more than just the World's Fair. It was also the year I was first exposed to French: the language, the food and the films. I supplement my memory with Dwarf, some DOMM bits, The Beatles, The Bride of Firesign, Giant Rat, a fragment of a Carnation Instant Breakfast ad, Praise the Hoove from the Dear Friends album and Chef Entree from DOMM. My memories of cooking French food in 1964 segues into the food I encountered on my most recent trip to France in June of this year. I am joined in celebrating this moveable feast by Radio Free Booze, my friend Maurice Gauthier reading the menu from Le Jules Verne in French, the whole Carnation ad, SCTV presents Martin Short as Jerry Lewis in Paris, Upper Middle Class Wine from Austin's Hollywood Nightshift, Popeye, Nick Danger's sponsor Vino Bros, the Beatles in French and another DOMM fragment where-in Peter reads a letter from Paris. 

Cat Meets France (part Deux) - Parisian-for-a-week Cease decends into serious food porn (cuisine erotique), narrowly escapes death by eel, feasts on divine tarts, celebrates Spring with pigeons, sees his reflection in Monet's pond and says Au Revoir. The audio verson of


Fair Worlds - Seattle - My first World's Fair, 1962 Seattle. Firesign on the road in Berkeley, 74, escaping shadows.  Elvis serenades a girl younger than his guitar on their way to the Seattle World's Fair.  Stupid Belgian waffles.  Some actual Worlds Fair audio, from assorted pavillions.  Ain't the internet great?  What a piece of ass fault!  The Science Pavilion movie.  You could talk like that to millions and expect them to understand.  How different from now.  The Bozos album, maybe the closest to my heart.  A Piddle Diddle Disneyland from Negativland,1993.  I loved the Tiki Room but also love to learn its secrets.  Artie Choke makes a joke.  My first radio play, Inside.  Monsanto's journey into inner space was my favourite ride.  I was involved with the Orangutan Foundation and the Great Apes Project at the time, which is all too obvious.

Fair Worlds - New York - C. Simril and Tom O'Neil's excellent adventures at the 64-65 New York World's Fair. Edwin Newman's World's Fair Diary:
The General Motor's Pavillion. Austin's House of Little Men. D.O.M.M. Austin's Roiller Maidens - Come On Jesus. Bozos. TV or Not. Negativeland's A Piddle Diddle Disneyland. Ford's Wonder Rotunda. Austin's Yesterday's News. Traveller's Insurance pavillion. IBM. Giant Rat. Pepsi's Small Worlds. Zippy the Pinhead. Lincoln. Bill Maher show, Sept. 17, 2017, and C'est La Vie by Robbie Nevil.

A Fair for Al, and No Fair to Anybody - A phone conversation between Airship Al Gross, Tweeny and me from late September, combined with bits from How Time Flies, EYKIW, Lenny Bruce's Christ and Moses, Give me Immortality, my play Inside, Nick Danger's Case of the Missing Shoe, the Martian Space Party, Nick Danger's first caper, the Free Mexican Airforce, more EYKIW, Proctor interviewed on Jimmy Church's Fade to Black podcast ( ) and Jennifer Warnes singing the late Leonard Cohen's First We Take Manhattan.

Fair Worlds - Montreal - Canada celebrated its 100th birthday by having a Worlds Fair in Montreal. I celebrated by attending that fair and then traveling across the country.  Thankfully there are a lot of You Tube sites to jog's ones memory of that fair. I found these podcasts particularly useful:, the Thinking Out Loud series from Concordia University in Montreal. The women who do the podcast are just as passionate about Expo 67's flilms as I was when i saw them. Some of the information I used on this collage is from brochures given to me at the fair, or found online. Aside from the usual collection of Firesign goodies, musical additions to the collage come from Jim Morrison, Sgt Pepper, C.J. Li and Linda Ronstadt. Paul Krassner offered hjis Expo 67 story from his autobiography, Confessions of a Raving Unconfined Nut. Our own DJ Tweeny and My North Van neighbour Maurice Gauthier (whom you heard as Monsier Verne, and reading the French menu at Le Jules Verne restaurant on previous collages) remember their visits to the fair. Eventually, screens take over the world.

Fair Worlds - Tsukuba - When my family was living in Japan, in 1985, the country decided to have a World's Fair. This was near the height of Japanese economic ascendancy, and what better party to throw?  Tsukuba Science City wasn't world famous, maybe a Worlds Fair will put it on the map. It was a long trek for us to an obscure site inconveniently north of Tokyo. My wife and her friend took our daughter and her friend's son to the fair, but they only played on the toy trains and other adventures of interest to 7 year olds. Later, my friend and I went. He says he remembers nothing. I remember the Jamaican pavilion, tiny even by Japanese standards, which seemed to exist only to sell Bob Marley cassettes. After waiting in long lines, we got into, maybe 2 of the popular industrial pavilions, which entranced easily entranceable eyes with 3D flowers floating tantalizingly in front of them, for a few minutes. SONY had a TV you could probably view from the moon. Thanks for the memories to the US Armed Forces Far East Network, every English-lover's link to that beloved language on Tokyo radio in the decades before the internet:

Fair Worlds - Vancouver - Expo '86 - My last Expo led me to my home, Vancouver. Thanks to our public broadcaster, CBC for its documenting Expo 86.
Contributions by The Firesign's Give Me Immortality, Waiting for the Electrician, and the Martian Space  Party, Papa Oo Mao Mao, Red Shift, Neal Amid, act 5, Developmental Valley School Lunch Menus from Phil Austin's Tales of the Olde Detective, EOBE, Humboldt, Terry Hadland, my review of the Firesign concert on the pier at Seattle, 1994, for Elayne's zine, Proctor interviewed by PsiOp radio, on November 22, 2017; a bit from Vancouver, No Fixed Address from the provincial  Knowledge Network, Dreamer by Supertramp. Thanks, Expo.


These three collages were Cat's first works

Peace Pipe - Toward the end of 2009, I had a dream where Phil Proctor's daughter (whom I have never met) called me lazy. Lazy, eh? I reacted to that by creating the following collage. I had recently heard an interview with Carlin (archival) talking about memorizingthe lyrics to Pass that Peace Pipe in 1947 when he was 10. I thought the song was written for the Duckman cartoon, which I saw in the late 90s. I asked Phil Austin if he knew the tune but he said he didn't, or at least didn't recall it. Still, Austin's 1967 radio play A Shadow Move Upon a Land and the Peace Pipe song are very similar in their listing "Indian" tribal names as a musical device.

Home - John Hockenberry's NPR show Heat, from 1990, was almost Firesonian good. Not surprising, as it featured Proctor and Bergman. The Firesign wanted to create an album based on Homer's Odyssey. Is this it?

Waiting For The Mortician - Bergman was way into death on his 1967 Radio Free Oz show. Now he's dead. Coincidence? I think not...


McLuhan-1 - Marshall McLuhan was a great inspiration to the Firesign Theatre. His bright comet passed over public consciousness in the late 60s just as they were beginning to deconstruct media in real time. He even made an album, The Medium is the Massage with Firesign pal John Simon in 1967, while they were writing Electrician and Sgt Pepper was filling the air. This collage takes the first 5 minutes of that album and mixes it with other things, just as it was a collage of Marshall's voice and Simon's production ideas. This will be the first of an intended series of meditations on Mcluhan. Perhaps he will give us a clue to surviving a world of alternate facts and a true madman with his finger on the button.

McLuhan-2 (Temporarily McLuhan Rag) - Marshall McLuhan suggests that we're living in the rear-view mirror and trying to live in the past. or at least enough of us are to elect Trump.  The Firesign Theatre explains how this didn't work out so well for the "American Indians."  Steely Dan also explores nostalgia, though a bit more tunefully.

McLuhan-3 (McLuhan's McLuhan) - McLuhan's McLuhan is Harold Innis, a contemporary of McLuhan at the University of Toronto and a media theorist very influencial on Marshall's thought.  This collage is based on part 2 of a 1994 CBC Ideas series about Innis, written by prolific Ideas creator David Cayley. I've also included more of Tom Wolfe's biographical talk about McLuhan that mentions the Innis-McLuhan connection.  I used part of this in an earlier McLuhan collage. Also featured, Samantha Bee's interview with Russian journalist Masha Gessen, from 2c+Samantha+Bee&view=detail&mid=FA4F0D420A1775DDBD19FA4F0D420A1775DDBD19&FORM=VIRE
Thanks also to Judith Stamps' book Unthinking Modernity: Innis, McLuhan and the Frankfurt School.

Tokin Titanic - Tokin Titanic is part 2 of my Marine trilogy. Thanks to one-time chatter John Gurvitch to turning me on to the tune The U.S.S Titanic by Jaime Brockett (, which apparently was a popular song in 1969 but it's new to me. Bob Dylan's great boxing song Who Killed Davy Moore seems appropriate considering how Jack Johnson is the star of the Titanic tune. Miles Davis' Jack Johnson album is the only Miles Davis album I ever bought and sounds just as good now. Marijuana's March Through History is from the Firesign's Fools in Space satelite radio shows, though I don't know who its by.

Catch and Release - Catch and Release Whaling is from Peter Bergman's brief radio show, The Digital Diner. I love whales. Saw them for the first time on a whale watching cruise out of San Diego with my parents in 1962. Again in Cabo St. Lucas in 2008. Wonderful beasts. Glad they've recovered from near extinction not long ago. The Firesign too have a fondness for them, as you can hear in this collage. Mr. Disner is Phil Austin from my play Box of Time. Always great to hear his voice. Lord Buckley's 4/20-friendly religious fantasy Jonah and the Whale is from here:

A Pisces, Working For Scale - This is the third part of my Marine Trilogy. It began life as the soundtrack for some video I shot at the Shark's Reef Aquarium in Las Vegas. The aquarium has a lot of rays, which is why there are all those ray references. I asked my musician friend Gary Swartz to reccommend a fish tune and he suggested Fishin Blues by Taj Mahal, which is perfect. Gary's son Dr. Wilf Swartz is a fish scientist who may sound something like the EU Overfishing video I found on youtube
The pond of fish puns is a comedy routine called Wet Dream by Kip Adotta:
Yao Ming was a good basketball player for the Houston Rockets but has became a great defender of sharks in China, making shark's fish soup uncool:


Addition, Subtraction - I recently read The Biology of Desire by "cognitive neuroscientist and former addict" Marc Lewis arguing against the idea that addiction was a disease. I'd previously read Gabor Mate's In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts and seen him often on Vancouver TV.
I wondered how Mate's experiences with addicts on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver corresponded with Lewis's ideas. Last year I read Chasing the Scream by Johan Hari, which inspired this great animation about Rat Park, f from another Vancouver professor, Bruce Alexander's ideas about addiction. Lots of ideas, but people keep ODing at an increasing rate here.

A Firesign Shine - A long piece by Proctor and Bergman, Ry Cooder's great version of Johnny Cash's Get Rhythm, a sprinkle of George Carlin and you have a new collage.

A Firesign Nixon - The Firesign Theatre span the administrations of LBJ to Obama but Nixon provoked their greatest outpouring of satire, not only AS Nixon (Phil Austin did a great immitation) but also as The President in Bozos and Nick Exxon on Roller Maidens. This is but a small sample of the Nixon parodies they did.

A Horse With No Beatles - I watched the first year of the Netflix series Bojack Hoseman a few years ago. Recently I had the opportunity for a free month of Netflix so I caught up with the 3 other years of the show. The first year was by far the best, before it got very dark. Seeing that show reminded me of the America song Horse with No Name, which then reminded me of Buzzin Fly by Tim Buckley (a guest on Radio Free Oz in 67), the Beatles song Rain, The Billy Bragg tune North Sea Bubble, Mr. Ed and some relevant Firesign bits. A short collage this week before some much larger collages I'm working on for later.

Alice's Berzerko Lounge - When I started doing long collages in 2015, this was one of the first ones I wanted to make. There are so many Firesign food references. Recently a chatter suggested I revisit this project. Here it is. Hope Arlo likes it, and I don't get sent to the Group W bench.

Borders - David Ossman wrote a poem for Peter Bergman who was in and out of Turkey while the Firesigns were writing their first album Waiting for the Electrician in 1967. A new song, Tease, by Toronto singer Ralph reminded me of KD Laing's Constant Craving. Peter has a poetic dream about a wonderful future. A short story, Neal in LA, the 2nd of my Neal Cassady tales, this one from 1981. Judy Collins sings a Donovan song about as well as anyone ever sang anything.

Dreams - Some dreams of The Firesign Theatre. Some dreamy tunes. My 2nd radio play, Big Time, about a dream of Big Foot in 1996. A google search for the science of dreams led to this bit of youtubery:
Dreams are supposed to make us less crazy. Jon Stewart explains to Colbert why that isn't so believable.

Fresh Boomers - Boomers on a Bench is Phil Proctor's latest project, as hilarious as ever. I do some disrespectful things to an episode. Let's Not Eat.

Gambling on The Firesign Theatre - There is a confluence to these collages from Wave (Hunter Thompson) to Hunter and Bear to Magic Keys to Gambling on Firesign. I've been exploring themes well explored by the Firesigns, Ken Kesey, Paul Krassner, Owsley and others. When I started in radio in the 60s, I could listen to that kind of themed show all the time. Podcasting seems to continue that tradition. Whoever bet, in 1962, that Bob Dylan would win the Nobel Prize in 2016 would now be rich, and probably dead.

Geronimo Spoilsport - From before they were the Firesign Theatre, the lads were heavily into Native America, thought, politics, etc. Murphy's great tune goes well with their orientation.

Goats - My favourite Rolling Stones song is 100 Years Ago, on the Goat's Head Soup album. When I learned that Firesign Phil Proctor was in the studio watching it being mixed with Mick, I decided to make a collage out of the song and assorted goat references. Thanks to Chris Palladino for a copy of Austin's rightfully obscure Astrology disc. Elivs/Nixon is from a 2 episode radio show called Digital Diner Peter Bergman did in 1974. The information about goats is from this website,, one of several charities that provide goats to people. 

Halloween '17 - This is my 2nd Halloween show, the first being Gilded Love. This one features All Things Firesign, Halloween in Hollywood from NPR's 1990 show Heat, Roller Maidens, Boom Dot Devilmaster, Proctor's unnerving experience in New York from the D.O.M.M. collection, Sympathy for the Stones, More things Firesign, More Hour Hour from DOMM, a Halloweeny Mark Time, Yet More Things Firesign, Electrician, Death from DOMM, Give me Immortality, PP and DO interviewed by Steve Gilmour, Boom Dot Bill, Mark Twain in Fools in Space, more Fools and finally Peter Bergman's final words from his RFO Podcast.

High Heel Firesigns - A great Traffic tune. The Firesign Theatre's favourite gay newsmen. Gun violence. Kind of a movie for the mind. A disturbed mind. 

Hunter and Bear - I listened to an interview on CBC with Hunter's son Juan in July
shortly after I read an article someone posted on facebook about how the Steely Dan tune Kid Charlemagne was about acid democratizer "Bear" Owsley
Their twin lives called for a collage. I asked Paul Krassner, who knew both men, what they had in common and he said Bear gave the counter culture acid, Hunter gave the same culture gonzo journalism. I patched together some interviews and documentaries about Bear and Hunter from Youtube and read a few online articles. The edge has been pushed forward.

Jackson Kent Firesign - There was a ton of great music happening in the late 60s-early 70s but the musician I listened to and enjoyed most in those years was Steve Miller, before he became rich and famous with Fly Like and Eagle. His song about the shootings at Kent State and Jackson isn't nearly as famous as CSNY's Ohio but a more interesting tune. Whether I've made it more interesting is up to you.

Light Train - The great Pentangle tune Train Song, from their Basket of Light album mixed with "Carl Sagan" and "Albert Einstein" take you to the furthest reaches of the universe. Get your brain on board "now," whatever that is.

Magic Keys - My previous collage, Hunter and Bear featured a bit from a Rolling Stone article about Bear Owsley. The article had Bear, reacting to a bad trip at Kesey's place, accuse Kesey of meddling with the universe in a Howard Beale manner. This naturally made me want to do a collage on Kesey. I had help from chatter Llan and DJ Tween reading from that RS article and Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. Chatter Lil convinced me to go with the current ending. Two of Marc Maron's interviews are also included.

Naomi Klein Kicks Ass - Naomi Klein's books, articles and interviews show us that resistance is possible. Like the Firesign Theatre, she lights fires. You should too. -

Night Cats - Facts About Cats, my favourite tune on the profoundly tuneful Welcome to Timbuk 3 by the musical couple of that name. Louis Armstrong speaks African. Pussys galore.

Not Trumped Yet - To survive the Trumpocalypse, The Firesign Theatre, Hunter S. Thompson, a poem by David Ossman, Mel Brooks, Noam Chomsky and Peter Bergman's final podcast offer analysis, humour and hope.

Orson, or moon - “This collage was inspired by a November, 2016 Firesign chat interview with Phil Proctor who talked about working with Orson in the move A Safe Place. I have a 4-cassette collection of interviews with Orson by Peter Bogdonovich, This_is_Orson_Welles that has just proved useful for something other than gathering dust.  The Welles biopic Magician
was also useful. I had used a scene from the War of the Worlds broadcast in my play Red Shift with Orson Ossman as young Welles and his father David as how old Welles tried to sound as an actor. Thanks, Orsons. ”

Peter, Paul & Lenny - I got the idea for this collage when Paul Kantner died recently. Paul Krassner has stories about being mistaken for Kantner on his albums, including a hilarious piece by "Homer Simpson." Peter Bergman talking about Lenny Bruce on the original KPFK Radio Free Oz went well with pieces by Lenny and Krassner, along with some tunes.

Phil, Phil & Associates - Phil, Phil and Associates was inspired by the Jackson Browne tune Lawyers in Love. It is combined with the intro to Lawyer's Hospital, a clip from the film The Sputnik Moment, the Samantha Bee-Masha Gessen bit I used in my Trump collage, a bit from my play Neal Amid starring Phil and Melinda and The Firesigns discussing Donald Duck and Associates from the Dear Friends episode All We Have to Fear is me from 12/12/70.

Phil, Phil and Philip K. Dick - Either Philip K Dick is the most Firesonian of writers or the Firesigns are the most Philip K Dickian of comedians or both. How can you be in 2 places at once when you're not real at all, is a question that interested them all. The BBC series Arena did  a show about PKD which provides the material for the following collage.
There will be more.

Rainy Day Firesign - Dylan celebrates his 75th birthday. Don't bogart that joint, Bob.

Sex, Drugs and Charlie Chance - The song Magical Mystery Tour (as opposed to the album) along with the mysteries of sex and drugs and the great detective Charlie Chance from the earliest Firesign days.

Sgt. Pep Pills (1) - My most ambitious collage project. Sgt Pepper came out as the Firesign Theatre were writing their first album Electrician and greatly influenced its production values.

Sgt. Pep Pills (2) - The 2nd half of Sgt. Pepper plus Firesign interventions and a story of Switzerland intercut with random clips from the US Armed Forces Network in Tokyo, 1977.

Stan Freberg's America (Side B) - Harry Shearer's novel is called Not Enough Indians and that's a good title for Side B of Stan Freberg's USA. Well, according to Ossman and Proctor, in another universe, Harry was a part of the Firesign Theatre so they lend a hand to make Side B a bit more entertaining. Washington can't make up his mind and Ben Franklin demonstrates why he was the only president of the United Snakes who was never president of the United Snakes.

Standing Rock Freberg - My last collage featured Ken Kesey talking about casinos on Indian reservations so I wanted to continue with that theme. It was suggested I do a collage based on the Standing Rock Sioux situation. It seemed like something the Firesign would have been involved with in their 60s Indian period. Stan Freberg presents the United States of America is both Firesonian and relavent to what's happening in North Dakota today. The voices from Standing Rock are from the short film Mni Wiconi and the CBC radio programme Unreserved

Toking With DeToqueville - One of my Facebook friends posted this video about Alexis De Tocqueville's Democracy in America :
I read the book in high school and it seems even more relavent now. The problems with democracy stare us in the face. At a pet store recently, I heard the Avril Lavigne song Complicated in the background. The day before, Trump or one of his minions complained that healthcare was too complicated. A perfectly functioning democracy is a bit of a dope dream (the song is from the soundtrack of the movie Grass) but it sure beats dictatorship.

That Firesign Feeling - Well, Peter Bergman wanted to start the Beatles of Comedy. Maybe the Beatles were just the Firesign Theatre of music.

The Wave - A Facebook friend posted a clip from My Dinner with Andre, which reminded me of a Firesign Q&A I was part of in 2010 and Hunter Thompson's wave idea from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Pharoah Sanders is more optimistic.

The Precipice - The Precipice of Angels is the longest tale in Phil Austin's story collection, Tales of the Old Detective. Music is provided by Bird Boy, by Nana Vasconcelos and the Bushdancers, from the soudtrack of Wild Orchid - Tease by Ralph, and My Crystal Spider by Sweetwater.

We're All Bonzos On This Bus - What do the Firesign Theatre, the Bonzo Dog Band, John Wayne, Monty Python, Hitler, Snoopy, Nick Danger, France and Borneo all have in common? They're all in my new collage, We're All Bonzos on This Bus.

White Reggae - Bruce Cockburn is one of my favourite singer-songwriters and this reggae tune is one of my favourite of his. When I first heard Roxanne, I thought it was Bob Marley, though the voice is very different. Eric Clapton channels Marley in a concert on a Japanese TV show called Best Hit USA back in the 80s. The Firesign still want to know, "Who's Peggy?"

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